List Of Zambian Musicians You Must Know 2019

Zambian Musicians

Echo Music Blog introduces List Of Zambian Musicians You Must Know 2019. Do you want to know the names of the most happening Zambian musicians? If yes, then patiently scroll down to see the full names of the most happening Zambian artist we have today in our country.

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Makers of great Zambian music bringing such a great journey. We have managed to asse the most happening artist in Zambia right now.

This list includes all music genres e.g. Rnb, pop, Rap / HipHop, Rock, Reggae, Naija, Blues, Jazz, Highlife and Gospel Singers.

Below is a full list for all of the most happening Zambian musician Zambia has today. (Zambian Music Artists) both those you are familiar with and those you are not.

I hope you enjoyed going through the list but remember that this list will never be complete since we have upcoming artists on a monthly and yearly basis and if you think you are one of them or know some musicians missing on the list then do well to use our reply option below to make the list more complete.

1. Chef 187


Chef 187 stood firm this year and made an epic appeArance on CNN, and managed to scoop more trophies together with Slap Dee  at the first ever Kwacha Music Awards under the “Best Hip-Hop Album”.

It’s with no doubt that big companies such as Vodafone, Infinix and Trade Kings saw it fit hiring him as their flag carrier. Chef has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the Zambian music history would be incomplete without his mention among the rappers.

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Chef 187 has with no full-stop continued taking the arts by storm with his perpetual spirit in music, both on audios and visuals sandwiched with creativity and uniqueness. Having done a close assessment about Chef 187 and the Amnesia Album, with most hit songs which enjoyed a wide spread air play in Zambia.

2. Slap Dee

Slap Dee Songs

Well year for Slap Dee also provided extreme great luck for the king of hip hop. Slap Dee got his endorsement deal with Itel Zambia and went to an extreme of been called to represent Zambia at the Coke Studio.

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Slap Dee released his Bw2 Album, where we saw an amount of hit songs like Radio, forget you and more gaining massive airplay. Not to forget that slap dee, also emerged top of winners at the Kwacha Music Awards.

3. Willz Mr. Nyopole

Willz Mr. Nyopole


WillzMr Nyopole Multi Award Winner joined forces with Reverb to make us a great music album debut  titled Umoyo Wa Willy” . Through out the year, Willz emerged to be a sure total package and a force not to be reckoned with. The multi talented musician landed us with a span of songs like Theresa, Bwetu Bwetu, Nilabeko and more.


4. Daev


Daev proved to be  a strong force, not to reckon with. He is among the top talented artists in the land today. Daev nailed it In 2017 the young and highly rated vocal powerhouse deserves the title been given to him.This saw the multi award producer Dj Mzenga Man inviting him to drop a hook in Me & You.

5. Dandy Krazy

Dandy Krazy


Released his debut album named after the very single “I Switch”, due to endless massive support it received in 2017 leading to his endorsement with Zamtel. His music is now with positive and educative concepts.

6. T-Sean & T-Bwoy

T Sean and T Bwoy

T Sean managed to make and produce smash hits all year and more especially, with the dual album between T Sean and T Bwoy.

The two musical geniuses had to team up for a collaborative album titled “One Day” which has housed their current hit singles; Denya and Don’t Lead Me On. And not forgetting the Don’t lead me on album launch which many defined as a success.

7. Pompi

Kapena Lyrics
pompi – kapena

2017 saw Pompi the gifted singer/rapper/poet scoop an award in the category for ‘South African Artist of the year” at the 2017 Kenyan Groove Awards .Pompi truly, never ceases to amaze his supportive fan base. He dropped his two anticipated singles, Silence and Kapena which were received with definite reviews and massive airplay.

8. Jae Cash

Jae Cash

He graced us with hit songs such as; Akamutima, Tyoka and a lot of features and later emerged triumphant at the 2017 Kwacha Music Awards in the category for “Lusaka artist of the year”.  The living testimony to being smart among Zambian Musicians while working hard in order to always keep a name on the surface. The tag for the all year round hit maker is officially awarded to J Mulla  Jae Cash .

9. Bobby East

Bobby East

Day Walker’s perfection is beyond amazing in the world of art.  Bobby East has been bringing forth hits, each with its originality and this year has been painted with the Psycho Bae melody.

Jay Rox

A Zambian musician with one of the hottest albums, with songs such as ‘Glory,’ ‘Best Father Alive’ and ‘Camera Ready’. Followed by another banger ‘Outside The Rox 2,’ released on June 4, 2018. With a special collaboration with Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani.

Music in Zambia, has massively escalated to become a natural wonder. In Southern African, Zambia is among those countries defining music.  The country’s art has given birth to talented upcoming rappers and well established artists.


10. Tiye P

Tiye P

He went on to release “Red Out Freestyle” and a lot more songs on which “You Skeem I Feel Laka” proved to stand out with it’s catchy phrase and ever since the Skeeming Community has never been the same! The song was a smash hit 24 hours after it’s release. You might also wanna check out ReadMore

11. Rich Bizzy

 Rich Bizzy

Rich Bizzy released All Night Long music video which brought out a different side of bizzy and their entire nation loved it!!!.

Viewed as one of the top Zambian artist’s who have stood firm and managed to prove himself as the pride of the Nation. Today marked among the biggest performers doing promotional road shows. 2017 alone has been a great run of hit songs from the dancer/singer.

12. T Low


Rose prominence from nothing in such a short period of time. Well nothing much can be said about T Low , Bad Man Alahji, apart from that the artist is good and puts in much effort in giving the fans just the right music at the right time.

13. Cleo Ice Queen


This would not be complete, without adding the queen of Zed rap. Cleo ice queen in the year 2017 completely stood up did exactly what many expect from her.

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We saw her landing hits after hits, collaborating with Kaladoshas Zambia’s lead male act and releasing the song with massive airplay around Africa, Xo Fever.

14. Muzo AKA Alphonso

 Muzo AKA Alphonso

This artist might have been forgotten by many, but his music is still something that surely is still alive. He has continued making air waves and making great music that no one expect him to. landing hot bars on every track and still making headlines.

15. Macky 2

Macky 2
Macky 2’s Five Incredible Reasons Everyone Should Be Following Him

Kopala swag lead act has always been an artist not to reckon with. And in 2017, Macky 2 should also and feats on this category as he was among the top happening musicians.

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Released numerous amount of songs, “Double”, “we miss you” and many more. Each year Macky 2 pushes hard and ensures at least drops one latest dope effort for his most loyal fans.



Zambia’s lead act Pop/RnB SINGER, Roberto is always on top of the music game and 2017 was definitely a year he showcased his talent. Gave the fans and had put them in a spirit of music by releasing two amazing songs, One In A Million and Vitamin U Ft Tanzanian model Vanessa Mdee. Roberto also came out among the top Richest and highly paid musician.

Worthy Mentions:

1. Alpha Romeo
2. Olivia
3. Tim (Thugga)
4. Dope G
5. Chanda Mbao
6. Jedi

7. Neo
8. Chileshe Bwalya
9. Drifta Trek
10. Ray Dee ‘Mr Rz’ (of 408 Empire)
11. Realbwoy Morgan
12. Tiefour
13. Kaladoshas
14. Hush

15. Mr Turner

16. 408 Empire

17. Clusha

18. PJr Umuselemani


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