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Kondwani Kaira better known as Chef187, is a Zambian hip hop frontliner. Former Pro flight ambassador from Copperbelt Province. Rose to prominence, after he signed under Alpha Entertainments Music. Sibling to popular musician Macky 2 and a highly valued Zambian musician. Stated that,  “the name Chef 187 means to kill, cook and serve”. Music is like food, and he serves Bars by been chef.

Below you will find Reasons Chef187 Is The Best Today, His Songs And Features Of 2018, Albums Released And Awards Won. Enjoy!

January Blues
Chef 187 Top 5 Music Secrets Of Success

Here Are 14  Reasons Chef187 Is The Best Today

  1. Chef187 is actually Zambia’s flag bearer in Africa. Chef187 is the best within these borders. Kills any beat raised to him.
  2. He’s got no competition in the rap game in Zambia.
  3. He’s an intelligent rhymer with a great flow. The guy can actually spit bars, he’s one of the best with written bars in terms of structure and delivery.
  4. Killed many in the songs featured as if its deliberately been done.
  5. Uses metamorphosis type of rap and this started way back.
  6. He has done some good for himself and has the right to do whatever he wants artistically.
  7. Never raps below average, he sounds really great.
  8. His music massively reaches the streets.
  9. Chef187 is a talented musician and justly.
  10. Impossible to deny he’s not done much for the art and country. Not forgetting Macky 2 and Kopala swag by repping them. Defining music, keeps doing more for Zambian music legacy.
  11. Chef 187 produced Unforgettable Songs Of 2018
  12. Chef187 keeps making blockbusters and hits again in Zambia. Makes the biggest sales from albums like Amnesia. An example, been the previously ended All Out For Hip Hop. Makes wonderful music: check out underestimated songs off Amnesia Album and songs of 2018.
  13. Just getting started, yet among highly respected Artists.
  14. Time isn’t up yet for Chef 187. Its time for him to rap a lot, and put some respect on his name.
  15. Music in Zambia can not make a different without him
Januay Blues By Chef 187
Chef 187 Ft Drifta Trek – “January Blues”

Popular Chef 187 Songs And Features Of 2018

In 2018 the musician formed a collision with Shenky Shugah in Moba, a song Produced by Jazzy Boy. Tonny Breezy the initiative mastermind, came up with a sequel of combining Slap Dee’s Jump Off and Chef 187’s verse to form “Hip Hop”.

  1. Drifta Trek –  Ma Hip
  2. Tolo Tiger – Chama Gelo
  3. Mampi, Kantu, B’Flow and others came out with “Bushe Namumfwa”.
  4. Drifta Trek in January Blues (Freestyle) enlisted the artist at the beginning of 2018.
  5. Siimpo ft. Tonny Breezy – “Fake Love”
  6. F Jay – Manje Manje ft  Wezi
  7. Mumba Yachi – “Muchalo” 
  8. Mumba Yachi – “Muchalo” 
  9. Nez Long Ft. Bobby East – Van Damme
  10. “Single For The Night” ft. Bow Chase
  11. Juvic Ft. Daev  – Goodbye Kiss
chef 187 – Amnesia

ALBUMS Released

  1. Amnesia – 2017
  2. Heart of a Lion – 2015
  3. Amenso Pamo (Deluxe Edition)


In 2015 – Mainstream Album Award – Heart of a Lion and Best Hip Hop Album – Heart of a Lion.
2015 – Best Mainstream Male Artiste award – Chef 187.
And in the same year won Best Collaboration – “Kumalila Ngoma” (Chef 187 ft. Afunika)

Chef187 showed interest in music at the age of 5. In 2003, after seeing his elder brother Macky 2 Readmore. Became popular In 2005 and recorded his first song In 2010 by collaborating with Macky 2 and utilized music secrets to become a success . A diss track entitled “2010”, targeted at rapper Slap D of XYZ records.

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