Mampi Queen Diva Ascends Back On The Throne With “Nyula Yako”.

Mampi Queen Diva

Mampi is popularly referred to as the Zambian queen Diva. She poses charming beauty few can resist and that combined with her electrifying stage craft.

Mampi, the singer will always stand out as Africa’s big star. Having traveled the world, winning numerous awards and gaining Mampi Queen Diva massive recognition around the globe.

Zambia, of course has a number of celebrities doing big things. Artists like Cleo Ice Queen, Salma Sky, Wacheda and more. But one thing for Mampi and Her music is edgy and her unique style evolving around an African theme. This is what gives her an edge above all.

Mampi Queen Diva

What’s Mampi Queen Diva ‘s Secret?

Her bi-tribal descent completes the winning formula. Mampi Queen Diva With her latest release Nyula Yako, now on top of the music charts across Zambia. The song fits, turning into a club hit, the rather sassy but humble Zambian born and bread has her career firmly focused. Mampi is firmly one such artist with such a demand from fans building. With determination to prove that the buzz is not just a fluke. Local fans do like Mampi’s new hit Nyula Yako.

Mampi Queen Diva

Grew up listening to popular music of the late eighties, and early nineties by singers like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Etta James and more. Her music career took off on a high after she signed a deal with Digital X Music in 2002. The bloomed in making her the top Zambian female musician we see today.

Mampi Queen Diva

It was here where she started making hits with artists like Slap Dee and others.“Nyula Yako was received well, topping numerous radio and video charts”. After releasing the music video for Nyula Yako in December last year, the video received critical acclaim gaining over 7,000 YouTube views in one month.

VIDEO : Mampi – Nyula Yako


The single has since become a continental anthem gaining her a massive following in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa, Liberia, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

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