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Top 10 Zambian Music


It has now become a popular routine that, ‘music from Zambia enjoys a widespread airplay in the Zambian media & websites.

Today Music promoting websites in Zambia play a major role, especially those in the top 10 list., Zambian Music ,, and many more Zambian music blogs.

The Coverage of promoting Zambian music these days, ranges from chart countdowns to local live radio. These shows take place and take popular one on one interviews.

Most Top 10 Zambian Music songs find Corporate sponsors, who have supported several popular local artists such as Macky 2. See how Macky 2 has contributed to Zambian music.

This encourages collaborations with other musicians, and famous comedians like Bob Nkosha. Music festivals and award ceremonies boost Zambian Music songs, such as Kwacha Music Awards and Zambian Music Awards. Help and still continue to promote Zambian music.

Every good song and latest music these days, this also comes with an equally good music video. Several talented music producers and Video directors have emerged.  

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