Slap Dee Songs Of All Time (Old Slap Dee Songs)

Slap Dee Songs

I was never personally highly interested in Slap Dee’s Music. I Then I found greatness in Slap Dee as a musician and his Songs and music career. Slap Dee’s songs are of high value to not just me but Zambian Music . Among the top Zambian musicians top songs having air play around Zambia today. Check out Zambian top songs in the year 2017

For Zambian music, It never took me time to realize the man is hard. Many take shots at him, but one thing is that slap Dee is just amazing. RELATED SLAP DEE FT BUSISWA BUBUSHEKO


This effort is very predominant. Slap Dee drops hot bars not local but international flows. Impossible not to reckon Slap Dee as international rapper. Song executed with such professionalism. Produced by RayDo.



Featuring Kantu, the song is very well produced and mixed too. The instruments are well balanced, although I wanted more complexity to the beat. Producer of this song DJ Mzenga Man should be proud of his effort.




I started closely following this start after hearing “Zikomo” . A song know to be his appreciation to people that helped hi out.



I saw hope and vision. Never been that bad especially with some brilliant tracks but also with large inconsistency between songs. “Foshizy” had fixed this issue, and there are many reasons why it was on top of the charts.


Nomba Ninshi

Nomba Ninshi is undoubtedly a Hardcore brand. There are breakdowns in just about every one of his songs. catchy beat, amazing hook and the occasional melody. “Nomba Ninshi “ is a big step in a different direction for Slap Dee.


Chimudala Chapala

In this one, slap dee step up to the Hardcore throne. The aspects he was talking about in this track is what others thought to be amazing. It feels like finally he just decided on doing what had never been done before .



For Slap Dee, Every track flows exceptionally well into the next, keeping you interested for the entire duration. The song, starts with a typical style. Item, is very well know and I wouldn’t be surprised to find that their latest effort is Item.


Ni Zee

They can be tedious after a few listens, but serve as a good way to set the mood. Slap Dee‘s’s vocals are very unique in the sense that they are heavy, yet still easy to understand. He is a very powerful rapper who brings his creativity and beliefs across to such a degree that fans will be easily captivated.


Less Talk

Less Talk is among strong points for “Slap Dee”. There is heavy Hardcore verses in this one, featuring Stevo the Rap Guru.



This one of Slap Dee Songs which still breakdown my heart because, i still feel like PJ is still alive. The song is beyond reckoning in, but again an amazing thing is that, it has much more of a lighter side to it. Clean vocals are present in “Chigwile”.



“SLAP DEE SONGS” is a major success for Zambian music. His songs cover everything that metal fans love and will surely be a hard-to-beat highlight of Slap Dee’s music career so far.




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